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To whet your appetites, here are some audio samples, as well as excerpts from the stories and poems on Kiss & Tell - Stories of Lies, Love & Lust Vol I. All samples are owned and copyright by Content Creation Pte Ltd, and all words are reproduced with permission. Enjoy!


Cupidio - The Rules of Desire
Wet Dream
Double Take
Game of Trust


Cupidio - The Rules of Desire

In life, there are rules, and in rules there is order
And in love, there are both. So remember…

Be smarter than you look, not look smarter than you are
Most men will never want you for your mind
Don’t ever look too good to be real
For others will know that yours are indeed fake
And gravity still works on other parts of your body
If you must spend money on your looks
Remember to tip your masseuse

Men will promise that it’s the thought that counts
But they’re only thinking about your Manolos on their credit card
Don’t pity the married or the unattached
One gets it all the time; the other is wooed until they give in
And your guy has fantasized about both of them already

Stay limber; learn to speak the language of yoga
His secretary wants to replace you.
Believe in the communion of sisterhood
You never know who will clue you in to the fact that he’s cheating
Foreplay longer than 2 minutes only happens in the movies
But he still expects you to dress up in naughty lingerie
The only unbeatable formula is to be a whore in the bedroom
And a lady at all other times.

Procrastinate long and often about sex
It gives you something to look forward to every day
For so many men, the female orgasm is like going to church
Many attend, but so few understand
And never tell any man to come again
Unless you’ve truly got the time to wait

True Love may be deep, but sex is measured by the inch
And should he ever ask if he’s the best that you’ve ever had
Be a lady and lie through your teeth

So don’t be depressed if it’s been forever since your last time
Biblical droughts have lasted longer and always end with a flood
But sex is not the answer. Sex is only a question.

Even with their scheming, infidelity and romantic shortcomings
Men can still be fun to have around.
But remember - Size Really Does Matter.

First Resort

"His hand searches me, lingering on my peaks and valleys. I can feel the depths of his desire; he pulls my dress up over my hips and takes me. Here, under the stars, with the ocean’s rhythm to guide us, we are one. He is insatiable. Over and over we explore infinite realms of desire without so much as a word between us. I am oblivious to the sea breezes that lick my flesh and tousle my hair. All I can feel is voluptuousness..."

A Game of Trust

"I like to play a game of trust with my lover whenever he’s been naughty – and naughty can mean almost anything I want. From the smallest transgression to the biggest sin, this game of trust keeps our relationship strong. Yesterday, my lover was very naughty, so today we are playing my game of trust. The rules are simple; first, we never play at home – our game is not for young eyes. I prefer to play in a 5-star hotel room, with a big bed and a view of the city below, far, far below. It’s after 8 at night when I reach the front desk of The Plaza. As always, he has already checked in and the other room key is waiting for me. Even though I am in control, I can feel my heart quicken as the lift ascends silently to our floor..."

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